Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Shariah law: Islamic finance & Islamic Investment

Islamic finance is provided by Muslim corporations such as banks and other lending institutions. They raise funds In accordance with Sharia Law or Islamic law. According to this law they invest only in good deeds. It is a unique social responsibility investment, there is no division between spiritual and secular, and hence its reach is proper in the field of finance. The Islamic Banking concepts are accepted worldwide and are prohibited by the payment of interest or ‘Riba’.

SECURA Investment ManagementCompany is the first Shariah certified venture capital fund in India and is the First SEBI Registered Real Estate Venture Capital in Kerala, which is promoted by the Hi LITE group. As an Islamic investment company we follow shariah investing and we are encouraging shariah compliant investments to the investors. We have reputed professionals in business to provide investment management services to venture capital finances, real estate venture trusts, mutual funds, offshore funds, private equity funds or any other funds. Investment Management is controlled by an experienced Manager and a high talent team with relevant knowledge in real estate, legal, corporate, finance, construction, development, retail and other sectors. Since 2011 we are managing with investments. Our expert fund management team provided value services and has created its own unique presence in the Venture Capital business as well as in the Shariah applied financial models in India.

One of the biggest alternative financial systems in the world is Islamic finance or Islamic banking, and many financial providers and investment management companies are there to help individuals seeking financial help. Islamic banking and finance methodology has a huge scope in the entire world. It not only covers the needs of Muslim population, but is in the way to fulfill the entire development need of the community. It can provide cost effective and easy available capital to small entrepreneurs in India and can contribute much to the economic growth of the country. With the constant effort from the Government and Reserve bank of India to make this industry a feasible one, the Islamic banking sector could get a better future ahead. If you are keen at investing in the Sharia way, our investment managers will help you. Islamic banking and finance methodology can provide cost effective and easy available capital to small entrepreneurs in India and can contribute much to the economic growth of the country. 

Besides the globalization and convergence of financial services, there is a remarkable scope for Islamic banking system in India, as India is in need of major investments in its infrastructure. Apart from being a viable alternative to capitalist financial system, the interest-free Islamic banking solutions in India provide help to bankrupt farmers, laborers and other marginalized groups. Islamic investment bank in India will get the opportunity to attract funds that conventional banks cannot and will be able to attract Middle East’s high investible surplus.

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Private Equity Firms - A Means to Financial Permanence

If you have enough financial capital, you can make investment in a private equity firm. Normally you will find that, a group of investors are coming mutually to pool investment capital into private equity fund. Various private equity firms are making money through the management of private equity investments made by people like you. Diverse investment strategies are presented before you by the investment manager in making an investment that best suits you. These particular investment strategies comprise of growth capital, leveraged buyouts or Venture Capital.

One of the key benefits when concerned with the private equity funding is that, it helps the fast growing mid-sized companies a lot. We are extremely selective and are ready to spend significant resources assessing the potential companies. Most of the private equity companies, like Secura Investments are developed with the key goal of providing investors with a good level of living. You must keep in mind that, raising private equity for your company is entirely different than applying for a loan.

Small business does not actually use a private equity investment, as it doesn’t help them in making enormous returns. You can find instead, large entrepreneurial businesses by their potential growth. Secura India most often shows interest in business that can able to show that a well experienced investor, having the ability to turn their business goals into a reality can manage them well. Private equity investment is a great way to achieve financial stability and success. It will provide your business with a stable background for making decision based on strategy. For attaining more information about private equity investment, visit http://www.securaindia.com

Islamic Banking System – Redefining Fiscal Methodologies

It is the search for an alternative for conventional banking that lead to the materialization of Islamic Banking even in the bad days of Economic downturn. As you all know, it operates in accordance with the Shariah principle. It is the strategic investment made in the field of information systems and technology that showed way to the continued growth and expansion in the Islamic banking sector. You are only able to practice Islamic banking activities in consistent with the Shariah and its practical applications.

In some respects, you can find that the risk associated with attaining and executing an Islamic banking system is not different from that of the conventional banking system. In future, the Islamic banking system can attain momentous growth when its value proposal is better understood. One of the key features of Islamic banking is that, it fulfills the requirements of all, regardless of the race, religion and complexion.

You can expect higher amount of returns as profit produced from your investment and is properly distributed between the bank and its consumers. Our Islamic banking subscribes to fixed rate mechanism and profit sharing concept. By making investment in the Islamic banking way, you will able to get the paybacks of confidence, preventability and clarity. Banks that provide Islamic financial facility products will are likely to see further growth in the development and proliferation of Islamic Banking system. We assure that you will accept this concept once you get understood with its benefits. If you want to avail more information about Islamic Banking sector and Financing methodologies, visit us at http://www.securaindia.com

Islamic Finance – A Viable Alternative for Conventional Finance

You can see that, Islamic Financial service Industry has expanded globally and has spread their operations among various countries. It is clear that, Islamic finance has a great opportunity and arena in front. Secura is the only Investment Company became known as a role model and trend setter in this ground. During the entire investment phase, Secura mobilizes fund from retail investors like you and groups them into a pool of investment. Your pool of investment is then kept in a conventional bank. One of the interesting factors behind this conventional bank is that, it pays zero interest.

Units are then allowed to you at the face value till the initial closing. We will pay you 2%-4% of premium, even if you are ready to invest after the initial closing. The only condition is that the premium is only allowed in compliance with Shariah Law. The premium attained is the additional capital brought by you. Secura allows you to share the profits proportionately with your counterparts, who had invested at an earlier stage. Unfortunately, if your investment gets failed, we won’t redeem the unit amount, as it is the Shariah rule for that. We are the one who does JV’s with reputed entrepreneurs in Kerala to develop commercial, residential or retail properties. Secura divides its fund among four or five projects to hedge the risk. 

Each and every step of your investment is monitored by Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions Private Limited. Islamic Financial system as you believe, not only confines to banking, but also covers insurance, formation of capital, capital markets and all other types of financial coercion. The regulatory framework for your investment, developed via the aspects of morality and ethics in addition to prudent and sound controls. You can view Islamic finance as a form of ethical investment or ethical lending. If you want to go for a moral investment with zero percent interest, then Islamic financing is the right choice. For getting more information about our novel financing strategies, visit http://www.securaindia.com  

Real Estate – New Means to Financial Perfection

People like you are intimidated by real estate and other direct investment strategies, thinking that they are too risky. But you can find good solid real estate investments all around you. There are many ways you can get around your bets to protect your investment. Usually, the Venture capital Investment in Real Estate projects are in general at “Land Cost” stage, i.e. the fund is invested in association with land owners from the stage of inception till its completion.

You will get promoted from the real estate Venture Capital fund that trims down your real estate risk by presenting varied investment portfolios. These allied investment portfolios are effectively managed by proficient investment managers at Secura.

If you are in search of a genuine investment that boosts up your future finance, then, Secura offers real estate funding facilities from the stage of land purchase itself. We are working in collaboration with various reputed entrepreneurs in the industry. They will help you a lot in developing your real estate project portfolio. Being one of the SEBI, (Indian Security market Regulator), registered Venture Capital Fund, Secura focuses on Indian Real Estate and allied sectors.

Our real Estate Fund Schemes, Scheme1 & 2, will help you in managing all your real estate operations. Our focus is in seeking an investment in privately negotiated equity and equity linked investments. We are looking for an investment only in private equity Indian companies or companies with India connection. The invested fund will then be diverted for Real Estate related sectors and various other real estate activities.

It is our Sharia advisor who ensures that the fund is in compliance with the Shariah Law. Funds are invested in accordance with the restrictions of Shariah Advisor. Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah investment solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the Shariah Advisors for our fund. And the Trustee is IL and FS Trust Company. It is sure that making Real Estate investment with Secura will keep you in pace with the growing industry demands and upcoming trends. Are you ardent in knowing more about our Real Estate Schemes and Funding strategies? Do visit us at http://www.securaindia.com

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

8 Tips for effective investment management

The process of managing or offering guidance on investment portfolios or individual assets for compensation is known as Investment management.  It is the key product offerings of a financial service industry and manages to generate sizable revenue. Investment management is said to be the most viable business that constitutes of different kind of service providers. Investment management has now turned out to be the best ever spirited businesses in today’s financial services industry. A variety of features that contributed to the growth of investment management includes growth in assets, globalization of capital markets, rise in investment alternatives and the rapid technological expansions.
An open range of private equity are there to help you out in making investment through a proper channel. Each of this private equity firms manages to raise funds as per a precise investment strategy. This fund is termed as the private equity fund. But most of the service providers are not in a tempo to cope up with the changing industry requirements. Investors and the portfolio managers still focuses on usual investments plans such as real estate, hedge funds and other illicit private investments for raising the private equity fund. 
Portfolio management is said to be the prime expertise needed for an effective investment management, if it is for an entity or for an MNC. It is the knack of choosing the apt investment policy for individuals as per minimum risk and maximum return. Portfolio management will be the same for all kinds of portfolios in spite of size or purpose. All that must be a repeated process, that is, it should accept the changes occurred in client needs, characteristics and the resources market conditions. Given below are the tips that should be followed for the investment management process an effective one.

1.                   Invest: Before going for a professional investment management solution. Also consider the risk associated with it, the return, the market, trading costs, time horizons etc.

2.                   Identify the risk: Must show enough patience to various risks as good investment managers at all times give chief consideration to their client’s investment goals.

3.                   Allocation of Assets: Asset allocation is the term that coins to the matchless mix of various investments by which managers use to build portfolios. Some of them will trusts on long term asset allocation (strategic) and others on short-term allocation (tactical) to reduce risk.

4.                   Best security Selection:  An investment manager is responsible to choose best securities for their assets. Prefer an investment manager with good perceptive of the available securities. It is really wise to tackle security risk personally at this stage.

5.                   Execution of Securities: Buying, seizing, and selling of various investment securities is referred to as Execution. There are fine distinctions of each marketplace and pitfalls that break off at returns. So, it is vital to use an investment manager who can map through current market.

6.                   Performance appraisal:  It is good to assess the performance of an investment manager. Check whether they met the investment objectives before, and also check for the risk and instability related to the performance. After all risk managing is an essential part of every fraction than being an unrelated section.

7.                   Check out the Third-party Service: The service provider’s third-party plans and dealings including functionally synchronized subsidiaries and affiliates must be reviewed and monitored.  

8.                   Identify Performance Benchmark: Choose an apt performance benchmark from the asset allocation strategy which can be represented as a passive investment objective for the portfolio, policy, and mode. Performance benchmarks will help make risk and return assessments.

Investment management business is in a state of evolution and it can be an opening for momentous, habitual income if managed efficiently. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the tips cited above before going for an investment to help avoid risk.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Secura Investments – on a burst with Construction Projects

Secura has come out as one of the top investment management company with the crucial support given by Hi LITE group. Besides investment and project managing services, we offer advice and guidance regarding legal matters to our clients. We are also ready to lend a hand with practices that can improve your organizational performance. Besides that, our Project Management Consultancy does the leasing of residential, commercial and retail spaces for the projects run by the company as per necessities. Diverse projects managed by Secura comprise of EMPORA GEMZ, EMPORA ASTER, EMPORA VIEWS and AUTUMN LEAVES.

Retail and Commercial Projects

Located at NH By-pass Thondayad, Calicut, EMPORA GEMZ spans in an area of 25.93 cents.  Building structure is B+G+6 storied Commercial and Office space that comprise around 13,959 sq feet. It has a saleable area of around 12,100 sq ft.

EMPORA ASTER is sited at Malaparamba junction, Calicut with land area comprising 28.98 cents. This building encompasses B+G+3 storied Commercial and office space that cover 18,262 sq ft with a saleable area, 12,820 sq ft.

EMPORA VIEWS is one of the commercial and retail projects handled by us. It is located at Malaparamba junction, Calicut. The land area of this project is 27.78 cents. EMPORA Views building structure is of 2B+G+6 storied Commercial and office space that encompassing 31,826 sq feet with 25,000 sq ft saleable area.

Residential Project

AUTUMN LEAVES is a Housing Layout Development that stands for harmony between human beings and nature. It pledges a soothing life experience of peaceful mind and living. It is located at Velliparamba, near Calicut Medical College. Autumn leaves spans in an area of 2 acres with 26 plot ranging from 4 cents to 8 cents. It is indeed a dream made of.  

In accordance with the latest studies and analyses, the Indian real estate economy is projected to grow rapidly and demand conditions are expected to remain strong. Leasing, Sales and Marketing process for the projects are advancing. Avail your space at the most promising spot in Calicut. For more information visit http://www.securaindia.com/